Peeled Tomatoes & Vegetables in Cans

Peeled Tomatoes & Vegetables in Cans

Peeled Tomatoes and Vegetables in cans

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Description of goods: Ingredients:
 - Peeled Tomatoes  - Peeled Tomatoes in tomato juice
 - Chopped Tomatoes  - Chopped peeled Tomatoes in tomato juice
 - Green Small Peas  - Peas, water and salt
 - Green Medium Peas  - Peas, water and salt
 - Chick Peas  - Chick Peas, water and salt
 - Baked Beans  - Beans, tomato sauce, sugar, water, salt, spices
 - White Beans  - White Beans, water and salt
 - Chily Beans  - Beans, tomato chily sauce, sugar water, salt, spices
 - Red Kidney Beans  - Red Kidney Beans, water and salt
 - Cannellini Beans  - Cannellini Beans, water and salt
 - Mixed Vegetable  - Carrots, potatoes, turnip, peas, beans, cauliflowers, egg plants, pepper, onions, tomato sauce, salt, oil, spices

Size Net Weight


Quantity 20' Flc

400g 24x400g 1.850 cartons
800g 12x800g 1.850 cartons
800g 24x800g 925 cartons
2500g 6x2500g 1.200 cartons